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We have set up a new, easy way to allow everyone to help us raise funds, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! You can now do your online shopping and support the PTA fund without any additional cost to you. All it needs is a couple of extra clicks and the PTA will earn commission on your shopping. When you click through to the Mandeville PTA shop, you select the retailer you want to shop at and the site will show you the commission  the PTA earns from your shopping basket. We won't know who shopped or what you bought, but we will get a percentage of the costs into our fund. The prices are the same as if you bought "normally" - in fact, there are sometimes special offers that could even save you money! It's easy, so why not raise fund as you go?



Other fundraising

If you have ideas for fundraising events, please get in touch with us - helpers and ideas are always welcome.