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Latin at Mandeville

"Euge! In schola Mandeville linguam latinam discimus"


"Hooray! At Mandeville school we learn Latin"


All the KS2 pupils at Mandeville are really enjoying their Latin lessons. Mandeville introduced Latin into the KS2 curriculum in September 2014. Latin supports spelling and grammar in English which is useful in all walks of life. We know that Latin is not a dead language at all and provides an excellent link between English and other modern foreign languages. Mimumus the mouse and his Roman adventures form the basis for our Latin learning. Latin learning objectives include being able to ask and answer questions, speak in sentences and show an understanding of Latin words & phrases.


Here are some of the thoughts of our year 4 Herons class about learning Latin.  


"When I learnt Latin I was amazed because I knew what horse was in Latin before the teacher said". Shaniya

"I like Latin because it refers to ancient Rome and also it challenges me". James

"I feel very proud of my Latin and I can speak some Latin words to my friends". Russell

"At first I thought Latin would be difficult because it was hard so I tried and found it easy". Kameron

"I am enjoying Latin becuase it is very intersting when you find how it connects to English words. For example: Equus is horse and Equine is the family of horses". Abigail

"I feel proud about my Latin becasue it's not too easy and not too hard". Beth

"I like Latin because it is an unusual language and it is ancient". Charlotte

"I am enjoying Latin because it's easy to recognise". Kartal

"I am enjoying Latin because the romans spoke it. Wolf in Latin is lupis". Zeekius (Zeek in Latin)

"I like Latin because it is fun and it is easy to learn". Torin

"I think Latin is going really well because it is always fun and challenging. I love learning Latin becasue I am learning a whole new language that romans spoke". Anya

"I like Latin because I didn't know Latin when I started year 4". Tahmana

"I love Latin becaue it is the only other language I know and I can speak it easily". Kyle

"I like Latin because it is very interesting. Salve means hello, serpens means snake and avis means bird". George

"I like Latin becasue I can learn a different language. I love Latin because it is a good language to know". Mariam

"I found Latin very easy when I got the hang of it!" Richard

"I feel really proud becasue I thought it hard at the begining and now its a bit easy". Nesrine

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