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Year 6 Assessment

The end of key stage assessments 2016 were very different to previous years and the results are being reported to parents in a different way. This is because a new National Curriculum was introduced in September 2014 and this is the first year that this curriculum has been tested.


The assessment results are in two parts:


Teacher Assessment - this is the teachers's assessment of your childs work over recent months, judged against a set of criteria used by year 6 teachers across the country. It is a judgement based over time and in a variety of contexts.


Tests - The tests, taken by all year 6  children in May, were marked externally and take account only of what your child acheived on the day of the test. Instead of the previous levels which were reported to parents, the results are reported as a scaled score: 100 represents the National Standard and will do so in future years.