Mandeville Friendship Award

As a school we like to celebrate the successes of our pupils and one of these celebrations is when they show great friendship to those around them.

On the last day of each term we are always very proud to give out our special Friendship Award. This award goes to a child based on the nomination either from a classmate, teacher or member of public.  Recipient of the reward is recognised for many different reasons – mainly kindness to the others.


Dear Mrs. Longhurst,


I would like to nominate Lior and Sidra for the friendship award.

Throughout the year I have seen many occasions where both girls have shown concern and thoughtfulness to others. On one occasion the girls stopped their own playtime to go and comfort a girl who had been upset by the nastiness of others. Not only did they listen to the girls point of view, but they also got her back to a positive mindset so that she could go back to learning after break.

I have had the pleasure of seeing Sidra and Lior grow and mature throughout the year. They are both wonderful examples of a Mandeville students.

Miss Ellingham

Dear Mrs Longhurst,

We are writing to you today because we would like to nominate a child in Yr3 for a one of your very special friendship awards. Over the course of this term, we have noticed this child display kindness and friendship towards two other children in year 3, who sometimes find their time in school really tricky.

These children can find learning hard and it can be difficult for them to join in with friends with confidence, and he always finds a way to engage them in the activity or game. Not only does this person notice when these children may need some support in class, he shows obvious pride when either of them are praised, and is always the first person to clap and congratulate them with genuine happiness.

This person doesn’t always find school easy themselves, and can sometimes find it hard to make the right choices. However, through their thoughtful and kind manner they have shown themselves to be a caring and considerate person, who can empathise with others’ feelings and help them to change their emotions from negative to positive.  In doing so, the teachers have noticed this child is growing in confidence, which shows in their work.

The adults in his class would like to say thank you and well done for considering others and putting their need above yours. Jack, what a wonderful example of a good friend you are. You should feel very proud of yourself and we are proud to have you in our school.

From the Swallows adults

Dear Mrs Longhurst,

I would like to nominate Olivia Harding for the friendship award.

Olivia is an incredibly kind, caring, and, above all, helpful girl. I have seen her more than once being extremely caring towards younger children in the playground, trying to help them on the climbing frame or the slide, trying to teach them new things, always letting us know if one of them is hurt, upset or needs our assistance. I am sure her buddy Maram would agree with me, she is a brilliant buddy!

Furthermore, Olivia has inadvertently been helpful to her peers by being helpful to the Mandeville staff.  Olivia’s mum works in the office and that means that Olivia gets to school very early in the morning and leaves later than most children. Instead of reading a book or playing on the computer, Olivia is always eager to help the members of staff in any way she can. She has helped me to set up the classroom and I have seen her many times photocopying, laminating, carrying resources and doing many other jobs.  As a member of staff I want to say thank you.

Olivia has shown me that for her Mandeville is not just a school but a community, a family, where we all care and help each other.  I think we can all learn something from her,


Thank you


Paloma Castillo

Dear Mrs Longhurst,


My name is Betty and I live at Grace Muriel House. I met some of your children when I came to your community gardening day and one of the children really stood out for me. For this reason I would like to nominate them for the Mandeville Friendship Award.

I was a teacher a long time ago so I really enjoyed my morning with the children at school. When I met Tara, she introduced herself and asked my name. She was so kind and helpful; she helped me plant two hanging baskets, picking from the beautiful flowers. Meeting Tara has been the highlight of my year, I'm going to be 90 this month and she made my day, I don't want to do anything else for my birthday as this was such a special day, my best by far. Tara said if I come back to school we can meet and be friends I would very much like to be Tara’s friend, and I am so happy she is getting a friendship award. She is a special little girl.


Yours sincerely,



Dear Mrs Longhurst,

A while ago, I realised I had a secret agent in my classroom. It was the end of the day and Alex Jakeways wasn’t going home. He was busying himself about the classroom looking for his stuff, tidying things, restacking chairs and avoiding leaving school. It wasn’t until a certain someone left the classroom to go to spirals, which might I add she takes a long time doing because she likes to chat and say good bye to EVEYRONE first. Once she had left, Alex handed me this letter. He asked me to help him and give it to Mrs Longhurst, in secret. I felt like a spy!

I couldn’t agree more with Alex’s suggestion for Juliette to get the friendship award. Juliette has a large group of friends but works and plays with everyone. I don’t think I have ever put her in a group, or sat her next to someone, and then not had someone come up and tell me how much she is helping them and how much they are enjoying sitting next to her. She has the gift of making people feel special. She goes out of her way to make people happy and I truly believe the phrase ‘she couldn’t hurt a fly’ has never suited someone more.

I am also incredibly proud to be the teacher to a class of children who are so kind and caring to each other. It is no surprise to me that Muhtasim won it last term, now Juliette this term and that both times they were nominated by a Hawk who wasn’t their best friend, but was someone who just noticed that they were being extraordinary.

Yours sincerely,

Miss Jones