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Mandeville Savings Bank

Here at Mandeville  Primary  School we have a Treasure Chest Young Savers Club in partnership with St.Albans District Credit Union. We believe that it is important for the children to have a good understanding of money, and of the importance of saving wisely. We were the first school in St. Albans to have one of these clubs, so we are leading the way for others.


We  hold a collection point at the school every Thursday morning at 08.45 until 09.00  by year 2.


Membership is free to all young savers. If you would like your child to become a Treasure Chest Young Saver and start saving then simply complete the Young Saver application form enclosed with this letter and bring it, along with the first deposit (minimum £1), to the school next Thursday.


On joining, all Young Savers will receive a Treasure Chest Savings Card, which is the young saver's record of all deposits and withdrawals. Each Young Saver will be given their own unique Credit Union membership number. Young Savers will receive interest on their savings, which is paid to them half yearly.


When the school is closed, or when your children have left the school, all members can carry on making transactions at the St. Albans District Credit Union main office at 135, Hatfield Road, or at one of the other collection points in the area.

Hundreds of local people have already joined St. Albans District Credit Union and taken advantage of its services. If you would like any further information on membership please ring the main office (St. Albans 859135).


The Collection Point at our school is part of  St. Albans District Credit Union. Parents and other family members can also enrol as adult members and can take advantage of the low interest loans the Credit Union offers. Adult members are encouraged to save a regular amount each month. Information leaflets and adult membership forms are available at the School.