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Friendship Award

Congratulations to Naiyah who has got the first ever Friendship Award at a different time. And the reason for this is because of a letter we received from a member of the public:


"I am writing to praise and to highlight the qualities of one of your pupils, which reflects positively on the student, the family, community and school.

Naiyah has been and continues to be fabulous with my elderly cat that waits outside every morning to see her. My cat is very old and presents with physical disfigurement which cant be sorted due to his week heart, he's about 101 in human years......Naiyah continues to give him cuddles and show concern for him, she acknowledges his disfigurement and wants him to get better.I think she understands he will not get better, and continues to love him
She has sent cards to my cat, expressing her love and care for him ..."


Well done Naiyah - amazing !