We have high expectations of pupils’ behaviour both in the classroom and in the playground. We believe behaviour is too important to be left to chance - it is a taught part of our curriculum.  Behaviour is regularly discussed and teachers establish a set of rules within the classroom which children are expected to keep. These concern matters such as respect and consideration. Positive reinforcement, or "catching children being good" forms the cornerstone of our behaviour policy.


Where children are having difficulties with their behaviour, sanctions such as missing playtimes or extra work may be applied and if the problem continues to cause concern, parents will be involved to help address the problem. We aim to work with parents to improve a child’s behaviour.  This may include setting targets or working towards agreed rewards; where possible the emphasis is on encouragement rather than punishment. 


Children’s achievements, in their attitude, behaviour and work are celebrated in our weekly achievement assemblies.


Please also see our School rules.

Behaviour Policy Guide for Parents