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Why Choose Mandeville?

Uploaded by Mandeville Primary St Albans on 2023-01-12.

The results of our survey to parents in July 2021 were very positive. We had 137 responses, the greatest number on record at Mandeville, thank you for getting involved. Highlights of the survey were:

  • 136 parents said that their child was happy in school
  • All 137 parents said their child feels safe in the school
  • 135 parents agreed that children are well behaved at the school
  • 135 parents thought that the school makes them aware of what their children are learning 
  • 134 parents agree that the school lets them know how their child is doing
  • 135 parents believe their children are doing well at the school
  • 135 parents think there are a good range of subjects taught at the school
  • 133 parents would recommend the school to others. 
  • 134 parents say either that any concerns they may have had with the school have been dealt with quickly or that they have had no concerns


The survey also shows that there are some areas we need to work further on, such as increasing our range of extra-curricular clubs (which have diminished in number and range since the start of the pandemic), improving PE provision and making it clearer to parents how we develop our children's wider personal development. 


Please scroll down for a few of the comments made by parents in response to the question "do you have any other comments to make about the school?"

Parent Voice

Parent voice 2018-19

Parents Engagement Survey conducted at October'18 Parents Evening


We received a fantastic 128 replies to the survey - THANK YOU to everyone who completed a form! The results were as follows:

  • 50% of replies marked the school as 10 out of 10 (Extremely happy)
  • 92% of replies marked the school as 8, 9 or 10 out of 10 (Very happy or Extremely happy)

Some comments from the completed forms are below:


"My children come home smiling, they tell me about their day and speak positively about how they have been helped to resolve any issues."


"We are very happy with the quality of teaching; the staff are also very caring and quick to respond to any concerns. My daughter is very happy and feels supported which are the most important things to me, thank you."


"We are so incredibly happy at Mandeville and grateful for all the support catered to each child's needs. My daughter has grown in confidence and capability due to learning support and excellent teachers. Thank you so much!"


"Super pleased, well managed, wide variety of learning methods."


"The school has been wonderful for both my son and my daughter. I cannot recommend it highly enough! Fantastic learning, grounds and buildings, staff and community of parents and carers. Love it!"


"I am very happy with the school. This school gives children totally different experience from other schools - the dog, shows, competitions. My kids are excited to go to school and that is the most important thing for me."


"We are lucky to have such supportive and inspiring teachers looking after our children."