Heartfelt Thanks

To PTA Team, Sara Holloway, Lizzie Cooil & all parents and carers for raising £147.35(Ecokids Collections) for PTA

To Sara Holloway again for raising £20(Online Second-hand Books Sales and Second-hand Clothing Sale) for PTA


We couldn’t have done it without you, Thank you!





Welcome to Mandeville!

We are delighted that you are joining our amazing school.


Mandeville PTA (Parent Teacher Association) is a volunteer organisation open to all parents and carers of students, therefore we warmly welcome you to be actively involved. 



PTA has 3 key aims

  1. To arrange FUN activities for our children.
  2. To support the School through fundraising events to purchase "above and beyond" resources that benefits our children.
  3. To work hard to ensure everyone in our community find a way to be involved and be connected.



For 2021/2022, PTA is AIMING to raise AS MUCH AS WE CAN for 

  • Phonics resources in line with new Government requirement, est £3,000
  • Leavers Hoodies, est £930.00
  • Marvellous Me Yearly Subscriptions, £479.20
  • Big Contributions towards new building for sports and faith facilities



In 2020, PTA Funded :

  1. Leavers Hoodies for every Year 6 child (paid £929.20)
  2. New kitchen corner for Early Years Classroom (paid £1,245.00)EFYS Kitchen Corner
  3. 30 New iPads and charging trolley (paid £7,409.00)
  4. New Phonics resources, reading books and dictionaries for every class (paid £3,607.31)
  5. Washing machine for Early Years (paid £349.00)
  6. Marvellous Me Yearly Subscriptions (paid £479.20)
  7. Chatterbooks (paid £408.94)
  8. Summer School (paid £3,567.10)



How to join us ?

The PTA can't exist without an injection of new volunteers each year, so please join our next PTA meeting via Zoom on Thursday 4th November, 7:30-8:30 pm

alternatively :-

  • is a closed group, you will need to ask to join this group and once we have checked with the school office that you are connected to school, we will accept your request. This page is for reminders of events, co-ordinate volunteers and a forum for a sense of community amongst parents.
  •, which is a public page, mainly used for spreading the word on our events! Just click to like this one!
  • follow us on twitter - @PTA_Mandeville1
  • email any questions or even better, suggestions and ideas to


The PTA Committee are a small team and we would love to hear your ideas and we always enjoy seeing some new faces at our meetings to discuss upcoming events.

Committee members 2021-2022

Chair - Kim Baron (Son in Y2)

Vice Chair - Zakia Shamsher (Daughter in Y2)

Treasurer - Mandy Cumiskey (Sons in Y5 & Y2)

Secretary - Mary Chakraborty (Son and Daughter in Y1 & Nursery)



PTA events calendar 2021-2022

  • Macmillan Coffee Morning - Friday 24th September, 9-10am (let's start off with a good cause!) [Expenses : £0, Raised £205.76 for MacMillan.]
  • Second-hand Uniforms Sale - Saturday 25th September, 10am-12pm [Expenses : Time & effort  ,Raised £212.50 for Mandeville]








  • Ecokids Collections - Wednesday 6th October, 8-9am [Expenses : Time & effort  ,Raised £147.35 for Mandeville]












  • Autumn Trails - Sunday 31st October, 4-6pm









  • Kindness In Cottonmill - Monday 8th November
  • Winter Fair - Sunday 5th December 2-4pm
  • 3D celebrations cards - TBC
  • Odd Sock Day - TBC
  • Presents Room - TBC




How can you help?




Amazon Smile

We are very excited to include this feature to raise more fund for our school! 

Do select when you shop on Amazon.  Once registered, your shopping will provide 0.5% of the net purchase price (excluding VAT and other shipping fees) of eligible AmazonSmile purchases to PTA account.  Thank you in advance.




Do you shop online? If so, you can also help us raise funds, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! You can do your online shopping and support Friends of Mandeville fund without any additional cost to you.


You will need to go to  and register for Mandeville PTA – St Albans.  Once you have registered, you can download the Easyfundraising App or go via the Easyfundraising website, select the retailer you want to shop at and the site will show you the commission the PTA earns from your shopping basket.


We won't know who shopped or what you bought, but we will get a percentage of the costs into our fund. The prices are the same as if you bought "normally" - in fact, there are sometimes special offers that could even save you money! It's easy, so why not help us raise much needed funds.




All uniform needs to be named and stamping your children’s name on everything is a really easy way of doing this! We receive a 30% cashback for all orders placed at Quote AL12LE when checking out.



Direct Donation

Following on from parent suggestions, we launched the opportunity for monetary donations to be made directly to Mandeville PTA. There is a payment item on School Gateway for donations direct to the Friends of Mandeville bank account. This is a voluntary option for anyone wanting to donate in this way.




Match Funding

A match funding scheme can be adopted by any company no matter how big or small.  Barclays, for example, offers its employees the opportunity to match funds they raise for their chosen charity up to £750 per year.  This is available for three activities a year!  Aviva, in response to feedback from their staff, has introduced a '£Plus' matching scheme.  The scheme gives Aviva employees the chance to receive matched funds for any money raised on behalf of a registered charity of their choice.


Does your workplace have a match funding scheme? Find out whether your time or contributions can stretch even further.  We can assure you that it is not complicated and will cost the you nothing other than some time to talk to your employer.





So, that is a little bit about us!  If you would like to get more involved please come and talk to us during Friday Coffee Morning (weather permitting), finding us in the playground or leave a message in the school office.  We are a friendly, enthusiastic group and like to socialise with other parents who are also interested in making a difference to the extra parts of school life.  We can't promise perfection but can guarantee lots of fun!


Kind regards,

Kim, Zakia, Mary and Mandy






Raffle Prizes and Winners July 2021