Our reflections on the pandemic; a written time capsule

On 23rd March 2020, daily life as we knew it changed dramatically over night as a result of the global COVID19 pandemic. Following two long periods of national lockdown and so many changes to our school lives, the children of Mandeville have reflected on their experiences. They realise that they have lived through a period of history which will be remembered and learned about by children for centuries to come. To help the learning of the children of the future, they have created primary sources of history in the form of letters to the future pupils of Mandeville. These letters celebrate some of the new  skills, knowledge and vocabulary that have been learned during the pandemic  as well as finding moments of positivity amongst the media gloom that has surrounded us for so long. We will upload every one of the letters to a digital time capsule so that they are accessible for years to come.


We hope you enjoy reading a selection of these letters below.