Parental Involvement

We always aim to work closely with parents. Formal consultation times are arranged each term: fairly early in the Autumn term for ‘first impressions’, towards the middle of the Spring term and at the end of the Summer term for a look at the year’s work. In addition to these pre-arranged opportunities to come into school, you are encouraged to get involved in life at the school in any way you can.


There are many areas of life in school which would be almost impossible without your help. We never refuse an offer, either for regular help or just on an occasional basis. Help covers such things as activities involving the library and resources, art and craft, drama and cooking and particularly language, reading and comprehension work. We are extra keen to get dads in, as well as parents from the many different cultural backgrounds which make up our school. Grandparents are also very welcome.


We especially encourage you to get involved in the focus weeks we hold from time to time, such as our reading festival week and local history week. 


Teachers are keen to see a parent if a problem arises. Contact is often made just before or after school for a brief word, however, please do be mindful that the teacher's priority will be focused on starting the children's learning at the start of the day, so if you feel you need a longer appointment, perhaps if you have a concern about something, it is better to make that arrangement in advance, either directly with your child’s teacher or through the school office. Should you still be concerned, do make an appointment with the Head Teacher.


We often run “Keeping up with the Children” classes which help you develop your own literacy and numeracy skills whilst hearing what and how your child is taught.