Welcome to Mandeville!

Mandeville Primary School

Welcome to Mandeville!


I am delighted to welcome you and your family into our happy school community and look forward to sharing your child’s journey through primary school with you. The early years of a child’s life are so important in shaping who they are and who they might become. We are proud of the part we play, alongside you, their parents in developing kind, confident and curious learners.

Be brave

Be kind

Be a learner

Be involved

Our values are embedded in every aspect of school life and we expect every member of our community; children, staff and parents, to incorporate them into their own lives. In this way, we support our children to build strong relationships and achieve their potential.


Mandeville Primary School is a school for children from 3 to 11 years old with a long and successful history of personalised education for children. We pride ourselves on knowing the strengths and motivations of each individual child as well as the potential challenges they face and how best to overcome their barriers to learning. We are an ambitious and forward looking school which aims to make a real difference to all the children who come here.


Most of our pupils come from the surrounding neighbourhood, reflecting the cosmopolitan nature of our local community. Their differing backgrounds are respected by everyone and add interest and insight to our lessons. In each class there are children of varying abilities. We believe in and explicitly teach the value of equity over equality, ensuring that every child receives the support and challenge that they need as an individual, whether that is in an academic, social or emotional sense.  


We consider our greatest strength to be the strong commitment of the staff to provide a secure, caring and stimulating environment in which children will be encouraged and inspired to achieve their potential in all aspects of their academic, physical and social development.


My door is always open, please do feel that you can come and talk to me about anything at all. Good communication and positive relationships are what keeps our school a happy place in which to learn and work. If you do have a worry or a concern, I ask you to come and share it with me or the staff rather than keeping it to yourselves, it is very difficult to resolve something we don’t know about!



Mrs Cathy Longhurst

Head Teacher