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Snapchat is an app which allows you to put filters on you and your friends. You ask your friends to friend you so you can see your creations. You can choose to be on a map if you want but it is optional. You can choose to block people or to mute them.

Here are some tips:

- Make sure that you know who you are following

- Make appropriate content otherwise you can be kicked off of your account

- Always get your parents permission before you download the app

- Make sure you are the correct age to get it


                                                                                    By Year 6 E-Safety Ambassadors

E Safety Workshop


This Wednesday we delivered very successful E Safety Workshop for parents/carers and children in Y6. The children were told how to keep safe online.


Lior has written a fantastic 500 word story inspired by the information she received on that day.


"This story begins in Beniamin Phoski's bedroom. As usual Ben was on his phone, he always wished that people would leave him alone so he could spend more time on The Internet. On this afternoon Ben came across a new app. He pressed on it in curiosity. Suddenly Ben found himself being sucked into his phone...

in the beginning Ben thought he was having the best time of his life, being able to run into Snap Chat, Facebook, Instagram and many more apps. Aithough days later, he was bored, he missed journeys to the park, and most of all he missed his family. Ben would scream and shout for days on end until he discovered a message and this is what it said:

Dear Benjamin Phoski,

if you wish to leave The Internet you must complete a few steps:

  1. Show that you can be respectful and thoughtful to others as you will discover others who live here in The Internet.
  2. immediately delete all apps over age (e.g. Snap Chat, Instagram.)

And last but not least:

  1. Make wise decisions.

Once you have completed ail of these steps you may be free of The internet,

Yours sincerely,

The Government of The Internet

Ben read this letter and knew exactly what to do. To complete the first task Ben headed straight to The Wonderful World of YouTube. When Ben entered he saw his YouTube idol ‘Robert MaC’. Ben made sure to control himself and not to over react because he was famous. Ben clearly understood that Robert MaC was like any other teenager and that his first step unravelled in front of his eyes. He treated Robert MaC like anyone else and before Ben knew it his first task had been completed.

Step two came along and Ben dreaded this but he knew it was right and he deleted all of his overage apps. He found this very difficult but he had to do this if he wanted to exit The Internet.

Then it became his third and final mission, to make a wise decision and Ben thought and thought about what he could do to make if right and as his wise decision he decided to make a wish. His wish was for nothing bad or even sad to happen to his family and friends. And before his eyes he was sent another message:

Dear Benjamin Phoski,

We are delighted to tell you that you have completed ail of your tasks and by the time you finish reading this you will be back in your room. We hope you continue to make good decisions.

Best Wishes,

The Government of The Internet.

And so i was, Ben was back in his bedroom when there was a knock on his door and he exclaimed, “Mum, dad I am so happy to see you! Lef's go to the park."



Please find below  some helpful information and a list of possible questions for parents.

Online Safety Policy guide 2019

Fortnite Parents Tips


Here are some tips for you from our own E-Safety Ambassadors.

Herts E-safety information


Some useful information has recently been released to help guide parents in talking to their children about their internet browsing habits, to increase awareness about web safety.