We want our children at Mandeville to speak in such a way that people love to listen; and to listen in such a way that people love to speak to them.


We value every child’s voice and endeavour to give them explicit and purposeful opportunities to exercise it. By teaching children to communicate, will be the key to their personal and academic success in life beyond the classroom. Articulating themselves with confidence and clarity will change their life chances and ensure that they will thrive.


We go beyond the odd ad-hoc discussion and ‘talk-partner’ scenario and embed oracy into all aspects of the school culture: the classroom, dinner hall, playground, school council, assemblies, even staff meetings – only the highest expectations of how we communicate are interwoven within our school culture.


As a gateway to knowledge and learning, it helps unlock every child’s inner voice whatever their starting point. By prioritising both ‘learning to talk’ and ‘learning through talk’ we will develop confident, considered children whose voice can be adapted to the purpose and audience.


Through social and emotional, physical, cognitive and linguistic strands, children at Mandeville are taught to dovetail these skills and learn to use them in the appropriate context.


If you just communicate, you can get by, but if you can communicate skilfully, you can work miracles. It is the key to their personal and career success.