Mandeville's Great Egg Mystery

National Museum of Strange Objects

1 Talistory Street



Dear Ms. Claire Whitehouse,

I am writing to inform you on the latest news. An unknown sized egg appeared in the school grounds under enigmatic circumstances. Once the news spread, all pupils’ minds were flowing with enquiries, which positively altered the way the police, who arrived at the scene, thought. This morning, the egg was deposited on the canopy above year 3. What this egg is remains a mystery and we don’t recognise what is encased past the outer layer. Most students here believe there is a creature (big or small) inside the impenetrable shell.

Lofted high above the year three classroom, which is adjacent to the lunch hall, is a protective, cushioned nest formed from twigs and branches that have been spotted in different areas around the school before. Inside this nest, lays an upturned egg, slightly on an angle. Clearly, it is rough textured and grooves cover the outside. On the other hand, it has a white shell and is lined with little dark speckles. Unlike other eggs, it is substantially vast in comparison. We have never noticed anything like this before.

We plead for your aid in this sector of expertise. If you are able, it would be a privilege to endeavour as a team to find this out. We will scavenge for evidence and report our discoveries. To conclude, we have come across an egg that jeopardies our safety, but this is all still an oddity…

Yours sincerely,

Joe Year 6