Vision & Values

Mandeville Primary School

Opening up the World”

Our Vision:


Mandeville Primary School will be the heart of our diverse community where children’s strengths and differences are acknowledged, represented and celebrated.


We will provide an excellent education, developing confident learners who are empowered to find their voice as they take their place in the world. Our curriculum will remain relevant and purposeful in an ever-changing world with experiential learning at its centre.


Children’s wellbeing and mental health will be at the forefront as they develop the knowledge and skills they need to contribute positively to society. They will be well prepared for the future.


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Our values have been suggested, discussed and agreed by our children, our staff and our governors. These are the characteristics we consider to be the most important things that we can learn, practise and aspire to be during our time at Mandeville. Scroll down to hear our children read them:

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Values Award

Felicity January 2022


Felicity has done a fantastic job over the first term in showing all the Mandeville values.  After completing the learning around Plastics in the Ocean, Felicity felt so passionately about the issue that she decided to get involved by doing some extra homework.  She showed kindness in encouraging people to engage in cleaning beaches and seas.  This was a particularly challenging thing for Felicity to do since she often finds writing difficult.  I am very proud of Felicity’s passion for this very important issue, and I know that her example will help others to show bravery in standing up for the things they believe in.