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Welcome to Mandeville Primary School, a school for children from 3 to 11 years old with a long and successful history of personalised education for children. We pride ourselves on knowing the strengths and motivations of each individual child as well as the potential challenges they face and how best to overcome their barriers to learning. We are an ambitious and forward looking school which aims to make a real difference to all the children who come here.

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We are part of
The Spiral Partnership Trust
Excellent teaching and learning always and everywhere...
Spiral Partnership Trust is a community of primary schools working together to make a positive difference to children's lives. The partnership of schools work in collaboration to provide exceptional quality of education to children.

Mandeville Primary School


Reception School Tours

We are now offering the following Reception School Tour dates for September 2024 admissions which will be held by the Headteacher Mrs Longhurst or Deputy Headteacher Mrs Williams:

Tour 1: 17/10/23 at 11am
Tour 2: 19/10/23 at 2pm
Tour 3: 02/11/23 at 11am
Tour 4: 07/11/23 at 2pm
Tour 5: 14/11/23 at 11am
Tour 6: 23/11/23 at 2pm
Tour 7: 28/11/23 at 11am
Tour 8: 07/12/23 at 2pm

All tours will take approximately an hour and will need to be booked via our school office. Please call our school office on 01727 519220 or please send an email to

Please check our Admission page for further information: