EYFS is where children begin their learning journey at school so it is essential that it fires children’s love of learning. We provide a curriculum rich in knowledge and practical experiences, steeped in reading and stories and full of talk and vocabulary so that children know and remember more, can express and discuss their ideas confidently and start to see the awe and wonder of the world. All this happens in a warm and safe environment where adults tune into children’s needs and plan the right next steps for them so that all children make great progress.



A Nurturing Environment

We create a welcoming and exciting environment which encourages children to be curious, to try new things, to ask questions, to problem solve and to think creatively as well as feeling safe and secure.


Warm relationships

Children learn best when they feel safe and have warm relationships with the adults working with them. In addition, warm and open positive relationships with parents, carers and families enable us to work together to support and challenge the children both at home and in school


Developing Independence

The environment and curriculum provide lots of opportunities for children to develop their independent self-care skills, make their own choices about their learning and understand how to reflect on and move their own learning forward.


Mistake friendly

We promote a ‘can do’ culture for children in which they are encouraged and supported to develop their resilience and feel safe to make mistakes and learn from them.


Self-regulation and concentration

In EYFS children gradually learn to manage their own behaviour and improve their self-control so that they are able to maintain focus on their learning – whether that is on the carpet as part of the whole class, in a small group activity or when they are working on their own on a self-chosen activity. We support children to articulate their plans and learning strategies and to review what they have done so that they develop their strategies for learning.


Curriculum that fits our children

We deliver a broad curriculum which inspires and excites children as well as preparing them well with sufficient knowledge and skills to move onto the next stage of their learning journey. We provide targeted next steps for all children to ensure that they are always moving forward with their learning.



Discovering and celebrating every child’s unique strengths and talents is key to our provision. Adults respond to the children’s interests and help them to find things they love to do and can learn from.


Good choices

We support children to understand and express their feelings appropriately, to develop their sense of right and wrong and to take responsibility for their actions.


Great Talk

Good talkers are equipped for life and great early talk supports development in all areas of the curriculum so we place a lot of emphasis on supporting children to develop the skills of explaining their ideas, asking questions, expressing their feelings – and doing all this in a clear voice and full sentences.

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