Experiential Learning

World Book Day 2021

Other learning experiences

Sky Academy Studios Trip


“On our trip to Sky Academy Studios, we all had loads of fun recording and watching back our scenes. We were allowed to shoot, edit and play around with the videos as well as having some fun time afterwards. The whole time we were all as amazed as we were when we first arrived! As well as this, we learnt more about Sky Studios and how it has changed over the years. We found out that in the last three years, Sky has managed to get rid of all plastic that used to be used. To test our memory on a video we watched, we did a small quiz. Out of eight questions, we got six right. Overall, the experience we had was amazing and I doubt any of us will ever forget this trip. I believe anybody would enjoy this trip as much as we did.” (Amy B, Year 6)

Condover Hall Trip 2019


“On Friday, most of Year 6 travelled on a coach to Condover Hall.  We started the activities off by doing either Abseiling or Ariel Trek.  For all groups, the Ariel Trek was the most enjoyable activity because it felt like you were flying.  After our delicious dinner, we did a run around quiz where you had to run around and find quiz answers.  Over the next two days, all three groups had 5 activities each day.  The most popular ones were: sensory trail, leap of faith, zipwire and rock climbing.  All the Year 6's were exhausted by the time we go back to Mandeville!” (by Aimee and Amy, year 6)

Letter to McDonalds




We are very proud of Annabel in Year 1 who wrote this amazing environmental advice letter to McDonalds.



Eco Friendly Advice

 From Year 1 student.


"Try, just try to use as little plastic as possible because it goes in to the sea and animals are dying. Some ideas for stopping plastic getting in animal homes:

You could make a pig out of a bottle and four old pens. The bottle is the body and the pens are the legs. Draw a mouth and two nostrils on the lid.

Or you could go litter picking which would stop it from being blown into rivers and streams.

But most important of all try to stop using plastic (just trying will work) and when you go to the shops if you can, go to the ones that use less plastic."

                                                                     By Beatrix 

Hockey Tournament


We went to Oaklands College on Tuesday to play hockey. We learned lots of things, like collaboration and better sportsmanship. We worked hard and tried our best. Our team won three matches, drew two and lost four. We played nine matches altogether and we came 6th place in our group. Thank you to miss Steventon for training us and to the teachers for getting us there to play.

(Marine, Sidra, Chellvhin, Toby, Kaden and Samir)

World Book Day



Thank you to everyone for a dazzling array of book characters around the school on Thursday. The whole school got together to celebrate in Assembly and we gave a special round of applause to all the fabulous home-made costumes. A special shout out to Jack in Y5 who was walking dictionary, Carter in Y1 who showed his love for Beegu and Ferris who made a whole Roald Dahl book cover by himself. The aim of the day was to share a love of reading and the children all spent lots of the day reading either independently, with buddies or as a class.

Children also should have received their £1 World Book Day voucher. It can be exchanged for a book at your local bookshop.  

Singing Workshop


Pete Letanka who is leading the Big Sing Festival in St. Albans Cathedral on 26th January at 6.30pm is also leading a series of singing workshops at our school.


This is a unique opportunity for our Year 4 children to get involved in making music and taking part in this fun filled celebration of music. Our children will spend the day learning new songs in variety of styles and at the end of the day there will be a performance for the whole school.

If you would like to experience one of his inspirational workshops along with your child, workshops begin on 26th January at 11 o'clock at Marlborough Rd. Methodist church, but you will need to register.


Decorating Day
To prepare our classrooms and Mandeville for Christmas we had our Decorating day on Friday 30th November. All parents and carers were invited to join us and help to decorate their child's classroom to make them look as festive as possible. Thank you to everyone who came and helped us to make our school look lovely and all ready for Christmas.

Condover 2018

Still image for this video
Great memories from our trip to Condover Hall. A weekend of challenging ourselves, working as a team and being independent. We also had a lot of fun.

Celebrating World Book Day

It was fantastic to see children dressed up in lots of different book characters at school.

Your children  have received their £1 World Book Day vouchers which can be exchanged for a book at your local bookshop. Please visit for a list of books. Alternatively, if you prefer, you can use your book token to get £1 off any full price book or an audio book instead, just as long as it costs £2.99 or more. The World Book Day Book Tokens are valid until Sunday 25th March.


World Book Day Assembly – Cate Cooper

On Wednesday we arrived to find Mrs Longhurst dressed as a giraffe dancing her way through assembly! Why? She was reminding us that it is the week when we celebrate World Book Day where we dress up as book characters and bring money for Book Aid International. This is an important charity that send books to children in Africa who wouldn’t otherwise have anything to read. Some of the Year 2 children were also dressed up to inspire us with characters such as Alice in Wonderland, The Cat in the Hat and Nancy from Oliver Twist. Thanks to Mrs Longhurst for making us all start the day with a smile!