Mandeville Values Award

Values Awards - Summer 2022


Isobel has shown all of the Mandeville visions and values this year! She is always aware of everyone’s needs and feelings and shows care and affection without prompt. Isobel makes everyone smile and is a much loved member of the class. Her enthusiasm for learning is infectious and she is both creative and curious about the world.

Isobel is happy to try new things and enjoys taking risks. She has shown us in a number of ways that she understands fairness both for herself and others. She has been a pleasure to teach in the Ladybirds this year!


Lily encompasses all of our values and is an absolute joy to teach. She is kind to all of her friends and peers. She is a perfect role model for the class; respecting our learning environment and always helping everyone. Lily is as resilient as resilient gets. Always trying her best, even when things are really tricky - she will never wobble in her determination to achieve. She is brave and tries new things. She is a great listener and has a fabulous attitude to ALL learning. She also has beautiful manners, greeting and saying goodbye with great eye contact. It has been a pleasure to see her blossom. You're awesome!


Tori is an absolute delight. Extremely kind, patient and loved by all his classmates. He has a strong understanding of right and wrong. He listens intently to all instructions and often stays in to complete his earning to the best of his ability. He is very brave in all aspects of his learning and often helps his peers achieve. He is an inspiration to others when playing sport, due to his natural focus and determination, which he applies to all areas of his learning. We are so sad to see him go; he will be sorely missed. All the best in your new school Tori - you're a legend!