Mandeville Values Award

Values Award - Autumn 2022


At the end of last term we received three nominations for the Mandeville Values Award. Any member of our school community can nominate someone for this award, providing Mrs Longhurst with persuasive evidence that the person has role modelled all four of our school values; that they show kindness, they are brave, that they willingly get involve in the community and that they are always learning. Mrs Longhurst really loved that the three nominations were so different; one pupil nominated by a teacher, one pupil nominated by another pupil and one teacher nominated by a pupil! All are very worthy winners of this award and they now wear their values pin badges with pride every day.



Aydy always comes into the classroom with enthusiasm and positivity. Aydy always takes on challenges with a nod and smile and shows bravery in the way he always has a go. Aydy is a big part of the whole school, helping out with school events and joining in with the choir. Aydy is always kind in the way he treats others in the school playground and also the way he is able to sit next to anyone in the classroom and help them with their learning. Aydy is confident in inviting people to join in with activities making others feel included. Aydy makes people smile everyday with his sense of humour and positive attitude. He gives full energy to everything - PE, English, Maths, singing, the daily run and especially 'Just Dance.' Aydy is a wonderful example of a Mandeville Student.




Gabriella always tries really hard in her learning, she checks her work and always tries to improve, especially in her arithmetic tests. Gabriella shows braveness by helping others and asking questions when she needs to and she is not afraid to ask or to try something new. Gabriella has been really kind this term in different ways, for example if she sees someone who looks lonely or down she will ask them if they want to join in with whatever she is doing or if someone gets injured she helps them. Gabriella always shares her ideas and involves herself in group activities. She deserves the Mandeville Values Award. 

Ms Castillo


Ms Castillo shows all the Mandeville Values, she is kind because every day the thought of being in her class makes children want to come to school. She is always so positive and cheerful and keeps children happy throughout the day. Ms Castillo shows the value of being brave because she comes in every day to teach Kites. She is involved in all aspects of the school, even taking us to Maths Masterclasses and sporting events and she encourages all children to join in. Ms Castillo is also a learner and admits when she is wrong and helps us to do the same. Ms Castillo is an awesome teacher. 

Values Awards - Summer 2022


Isobel has shown all of the Mandeville visions and values this year! She is always aware of everyone’s needs and feelings and shows care and affection without prompt. Isobel makes everyone smile and is a much loved member of the class. Her enthusiasm for learning is infectious and she is both creative and curious about the world.

Isobel is happy to try new things and enjoys taking risks. She has shown us in a number of ways that she understands fairness both for herself and others. She has been a pleasure to teach in the Ladybirds this year!


Lily encompasses all of our values and is an absolute joy to teach. She is kind to all of her friends and peers. She is a perfect role model for the class; respecting our learning environment and always helping everyone. Lily is as resilient as resilient gets. Always trying her best, even when things are really tricky - she will never wobble in her determination to achieve. She is brave and tries new things. She is a great listener and has a fabulous attitude to ALL learning. She also has beautiful manners, greeting and saying goodbye with great eye contact. It has been a pleasure to see her blossom. You're awesome!


Tori is an absolute delight. Extremely kind, patient and loved by all his classmates. He has a strong understanding of right and wrong. He listens intently to all instructions and often stays in to complete his earning to the best of his ability. He is very brave in all aspects of his learning and often helps his peers achieve. He is an inspiration to others when playing sport, due to his natural focus and determination, which he applies to all areas of his learning. We are so sad to see him go; he will be sorely missed. All the best in your new school Tori - you're a legend!

Values Award - Spring 2023


Allie tries her hardest in all subjects and is always happy to share opinions and views. She is caring, inquisitive, adventurous and communicative as well as a reliable and trustworthy friend to everyone in and out of school. Allie is a true friend to all and makes all people laugh with her unusual ideas and warmth. She is happy to adjust games to suit other classmates likes and needs. She is an amazing addition to the class and this is why she has been nominated for this award.