Being Healthy and Happy

Our team of first aiders in the office are prepared to deal with the bumps and scrapes of the playground as well as taking very good care of anyone who feels under the weather! We also do lots to look after the mental health and wellbeing of all - please see our wellbeing page for more details. 


For children to learn successfully they need to grow up in a healthy and happy environment. As a "Healthy School" we work hard to provide an environment that is healthy for their bodies and minds but we can't do it without your help.


Five ways to help your children make good progress at school:


Healthy Eating


The brain needs lots of “brain food” to learn It is proven that successful learners:

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Eat their “5-a-day” fruit and vegetables
  • A healthy breakfast

They don’t eat….

  • Too many fatty foods, junk foods or sugary foods – they all stop the brain working at its best.


It’s good to talk….


Talking is how children explore their world and start to understand it.  Talking to your child about what they’ve done at school, showing an interest in what they are doing, who their friends are and encouraging them with praise is an essential part of creating good learners.


Sleep on it….


Sleep is an essential part of learning - a tired child simply cannot learn!

Children aged 3 -6 need between 11-13 hours sleep to learn well. Children aged 7-11 need 10-11 hours sleep to learn well.


Watch it… (much less)!!!


Entertainment on a screen (TV, computer, Playstation, XBox, iPad, phone etc.) is no substitute for real life activity, real friends and  real conversation. Encourage children to get enough sleep & active play by limiting their screen time.  Make sure they don’t retreat into a private world by keeping them involved in family life, watching WITH the family (not alone).


Never allow children to watch TV in their bedroom - it has such  negative impact on their sleep patterns and quality of sleep. A BOOK BEFORE BED is a much healthier way for children to relax before sleeping and it has an enormous impact on their attainment at school too!


Healthy play


Outdoor play is an essential part of a healthy development for children. 


  • Children who play in a safe place outside get lots of exercise
  • By playing without an adult they learn to co-operate and take risks, develop social skills and friendships.


These are essential skills for life