The School Library

The library is an important part of our school, all children are encouraged to borrow books. We have a beautiful library to;


  • Increase children’s enjoyment of books
  • Increase the range of books children have access to.
  • Encourage children to try new authors and subjects.
  • Encourage children to research new areas of learning


Using the library


  • All pupils are members of the school library.
  • The library is open to parents and children 8.30-5.00 every day.
  • Volunteers - school governors and year 6 pupils -  are available to help on Thursdays during shared reading and at lunchtime (8.30-9.00am & 12.15-1.00pm).
  • Keystage one children visit the library as part of their literacy lessons each week.
  • Children may borrow two books
  • Books are loaned for two weeks
  • Damaged and lost books will be charged for.



  Junior Librarian is a digital library system which allows children to


  • take out and return books at any time
  • View all the books available in the school from home or anywhere on-line
  • Review books and share their reviews 
  • Link to author websites and other resources


Every book in the school is catalogued so that children can take full advantage of the system, allowing us to find any book at any time (hopefully!). This way, we can allow children and parents to use the library at anytime the school is open, providing the opportunity for parents and children to choose books together, either at home or at school.