Commonwealth Obvservance Service , Westminster Abbey

Commonwealth Observance Ceremony March 9th


Last Monday, eight Mandeville children were lucky enough to attend the Commonwealth Ceremony at the awesome Westminster Abbey in London. The ceremony included flag bearers from all 53 countries in the Commonwealth and a range of speeches, songs, dance and messages from people all over the world.


This was the most breathtaking experience we have ever had. It was very inspiring, especially when the people made speeches which were done at their own risk, because if the speech-makers had told this to their own country, they would be put in prison. They all were amazing, including Kailash who talked about children having a better childhood and having the right to read and go to school. There was also a speech from Dr Shirin Chaudhury. She talked about women having rights, and being treated equally.


Most importantly, the Queen was there and Kate Middleton smiled at us!


 By Abi & Olivia