Dragons' Apprentice Awards

On the 25th of April, the students who took part in the Junior Dragon’s Apprentice Challenge attended an award ceremony at the University of Hertfordshire. You may remember that in October 2016, two Year 6 teams were formed to compete in the challenge, where we had to create a mini business to raise money for a charity. The two charities were: HomeStart and The Friendship Scheme. The charities are worthy schemes, and they used the money we raised to make a difference to many lives. While we were raising money, we faced many difficulties, but overcame them, and in the end, donated hundreds of pounds to the scheme (Team Inspiration: £442, Monkey Business: £280). At the award ceremony, both teams won awards, with Monkey Business claiming the Best Branded Business award, and Team Inspiration winning the Most Profit Made award. Along with all the listed awards, Alex D won the Outstanding Individual award. Well done Alex! Overall, it was an amazing experience for both teams, and we hope we made Mandeville proud’! ~ by Tarran and Abi, Y6 Team Inspiration