End of the year 2016

We celebrated some fantastic acheivements over the last term and the last year at our end of term assembly. Congratulations to all of the proud recipients of awards, certificates and celebrated acheivements.

Well done to all the winners below and especialy Seven who has acheived 100% attendance for four years!!!

100% attendance for four years - Seven

100% attendance for three years - Amber, Rosalie and Johanna

100% attendance for two years - Liam, Calvin and Ashley

Mandevilles Got Talent 1st place - Jheel & Torin, Roarke and Kellen

Mandevilles Got Talent 2nd place - Mansi & Elijah

Mandevilles Got Talent 3rd place - Atharva

Star receptionists - Chrissy, Alice, Tamina, Akosua, Emily, Faizah, Rahima and Aiysha

Star Football players - Keira, Fabian and Mr Tillsley

Huge congratulations to the 20 children who acheived 100% attendance for 2015/16.