Friendship Award

We have a very special girl at school who has been awarded this term Friendship Award based on the letter received by Mrs. Longhurst:

"My name is Betty and I live at Grace Muriel House. I met some of your children when I came to your community gardening day and one of the children really stood out for me. I was a teacher a long time ago so I really enjoyed my morning with the children at school. When I met Tara, she introduced herself and asked my name. She was so kind and helpful; she helped me plant two hanging baskets, picking from the beautiful flowers. Meeting Tara has been the highlight of my year. I'm going to be 90 this month and she made my day. I don't want to do anything else for my birthday as this was such a special day, my best by far. Tara said if I come back to school we can meet and be friends I would very much like to be Tara's friend and I am so happy she is getting a friendship award. She is a special little girl."

Well done Tara, we are very proud!