Molly arrives at Mandeville

After the results of the rufferendum and weeks of waiting Molly has finally arrived at Mandeville.  Molly will be specially trained to work with children and is making her new home in Mrs Williams and Mrs Longhursts offices while she adjusts to life in school.

Molly is a Cockerpoo which is a breed that is known for being affectionate, easy to train, intelligent and enjoys spending time in the company of children.  As a breed they shed very little hair and are hypoallergenic.

In time Molly will be available to work with children to calm and  motivate them, encourage their participation and improve their behaviour and self esteem.

Molly will however always be supervised when working with children and only work with those children who have consent to do so.

We hope you all join with us in welcoming Molly to Mandeville.