Year 3 & 4 Dance Show

Read our parent and pupils Fantastic comments!

Fab-was amazing  - Faiths Mum

Really enjoyable for the parents and children – Alex's Mum

Such a good idea they had so much fun – Alexandra's Mum

Very good idea, different from what they normally do,  - Alexander's Mum

Brilliant! Such enthusiasm. Fantastic to see! -  Lucy's Mum

Wow! Brilliant performances! The children have clearly enjoyed learning their new skills!!!  - Daniels Mum

Brilliant performance! Thanks a lot to the amazing staff. HOORAY!!!

How great to see so much enjoyment and priority in all the performance - Alice's Mum

Fantastic show!! Everyone was brilliant.  Megan's Mum

A vibrant and energetic performance- amazing to see all the children so enthusiastic. Loved it!  Maya's Mum

It was lovely to see all the kids with full of energy and performing with full confidence!  Avni's Mum

Fantastic to see children at Mandeville trying so many different things: dance is great for so many different skills-balances, co-ordination, teamwork. They were all so enthusiastic and it was a great performance.

Amazing- Brodeys mum

The dancing was amazing. You could see all the hard work and effort they had put into it. Such smiling faces! Well done.  James’s mum

The street dance exhibition was great really good co-ordination showing teamwork as well as individual flair.  Charlotte’s dad.

Brilliant  - Kamerons mum

Really impressive! High standard of choreography. Kids timing was fantastic and they executedthe moves brilliantly with real excitement and expression!

Felt like I was back in the 80’s ! Zeek’s mum(I imagine this has given a lot of confidence to many who were in the show)

Loved every bit of the dance. the amount of work that would have gone in to teachings the kids to do the dance !! Well done.

I had a big smile on my face throughout. Torin’s Mum

I enjoyed the performance a lot the children were excellent moves together, doing the steps together and following the rhythm and the music. They all smiled and enjoyed themselves. It was really good opportunity to be able to see what the children do at school. 

It was great to see the kids doing their street dance show. Smiles all round! They have a lot of fun don’t they? Tarran's Mum.

Wonderful to watch & the children were very energetic and focused. Good work!  Miss Ali

So great to see the concentration on George’s face whilst having a great time too!  George's Mum

 Children’s comments

I think the dance was great because it was really funny. (Mariam)

I think the dance was fantastic! (Russell)

I think it was fabulous. (Zeek)

It was the best show I have ever performed in. (Anya)

I felt impressive of the street dance because it was rocktastic. (Norman)

The dance show was brilliant. (Beth)

The other dancers were brilliant but I really enjoyed dancing. (Charlotte)

We had lots of fun learning the dance and then it was even more fun to perform it! (Olivia)

I think the dance was really good and I loved. (Tahmena)

I think I liked the dose doe (Richard)

I liked all of it  (Jason)

I think the dance was amazing it couldn’t be improved (Tarran)

I liked everyone’s energetic movements in their dance. (Torrin)

I loved everything (Katelyn)

It was stupendous (Emily)

I liked let’s get ready to rumble. (Shaniya)

Well done Swans, Swallows, Hawks & Herons!!

View photos of this dance spectacular below.