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Jungle Book Year 6 Performance 

After weeks of hard work and enthusiasm, Year 6 performed 4 dazzling performances of The Jungle Book. Parents and classes were all invited to watch, which was amazing since this was the first big indoor event held at school since the pandemic began. Every performance was slick, with fabulous acting, singing and dancing. The show received a well deserved standing ovation on Wednesday night and the audience was a sea of smiles from proud family members and teachers. A special shout out to Mr Dickinson, Miss Jones and Mrs Brown for their fabulous directing and set. Every member of Owls and Ospreys shone; this truly was a memorable event to showcase their many individual talents.



Our school choir performed at MFestival last weekend which was held at Marlborough School. ‘We sang Naughty from Matilda and also sang Tightrope by The Greatest Showman and Somewhere over the Rainbow. We felt astonished, nervous and excited. The experience was breathtaking and fun because there were thousands of people watching us.’ By Isabelle and Olivia