I am absolutely delighted to be able to give you the report from our most recent OFSTED inspection which took place on the 13th and 14th October 2021. As you know, our inspection was a section 8 inspection so the report is relatively brief, but I am so pleased with the way in which the inspector has managed to capture everything we have worked so hard to achieve for our children. 


As you can imagine, the language OFSTED uses in its reports must be very precise to ensure consistency across the country. This consistency is certainly reflected in our report, although very few reports mention a school dog! The inspector was not so constrained in his verbal feedback to us at the end of the inspection however, referring to Mandeville as "a truly super school" and telling us that it had been a privilege inspecting it. He also said that the "Good" category is a very broad spectrum, and  Mandeville is "right at the very top of it". That is exactly where I want to be. 


Thank you to all parents who contributed such kind works to the OFSTED free text survey and for the letters you wrote specifically to the inspector himself. Our strong partnership with our families is one of the reasons that Mandeville is such a successful school - everyone is working together to make a difference to our children. 


Happy reading!